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We live by the words inspire, create, grow and of course we LOVE TO DANCE.  Our schedule includes Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Modern-Contemporary, Acro, Musical Theatre, Technique class and stretch.  We offer an extensive children’s program with many combo classes to choose from at all different times of the day, a multifaceted competitive program, and wonderful recreational classes for ages 3- Adult.

Our very talented team of teachers are all fully certified in the field they are teaching and stay current by attending workshops every year.

We offer RAD ballet exams, ADAPT jazz exams, CDTA Tap exams and Acrobatic Arts Acro Exams.  We also incorporate current trends into our classes to fill out a very well rounded, disciplined and fun program.

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2017-2018 Schedule

 All classes, including the children’s combo classes, participate in and look forward to the highlight of the year – the Spring Recital.   Our competitive dancers compete in 3-4 competitions a year depending on their age and level.  We also incorporate many travelling opportunities for our students.  Past trips have included Disneyland, Mexico, a Caribbean Cruise, Las Vegas!

We are located in the beautiful Bearspaw Community Center and have 4 beautifully equipped dance studios with state of the art flooring to prevent injury and a large hall with a stage that we use for larger classes and to practice for competition and Recital.

We consider each student unique, special and deserving of our full attention to make sure they have the best experience possible!


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We would like to thank Arctec for generously donating $500.00 to our Disneyland trip!

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Address: 253220 Bearspaw Road N.W.
E-mail: robyn @ kedsdance.com
Phone: 403-585-9959

We are located in the beautiful studios of the Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre in North West Calgary.

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  • We live by the words inspire create grow and of course we LOVE TO DANCE
  • Talented teachers - fully certified in their field
  • Amazing students - uniquely special and deserving of our full attention
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